Now accepting applications for interviews and auditions for scholarship students in our ballet and contemporary dance departments.

Applicants must be serious minded and commit to training in our Special Elite Programs, and be available for up to 10 hours per week for classes and or rehearsals. 

Performances, showcasing and video projects are expected to be part of program scheduling.

Students wishing to audition and take part in this program must take in consideration their willingness to work hard, train, take direction and commit to significant opportunities that need focus.

Parental support and giving your all to develop on a higher level is a pre requisite.

This program is an opportunity for young dancers to take a step closer to their goal to have their talents nurtured and sponsored at an early age.

This wonderful opportunity partially sponsored by
New Jersey Music & Dance Company.

• Levels 7 to 8 years old - No experience needed. Any experience helpful.
• 9 to 10 years old - Some basic dance or movement with ability to take direction well.
• 11 to 13 years old - Basic dance and or ballet experience. 
• 14 to 15 years old – Some experience needed to develop pre professional
and  professional level standards

Director:Patricia Kurasz

hosted by ren media
hosted by ren media